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We can align your headlights to conform with continental driving and pass the Spanish ITV

Car Vehicle Re registration UK to Spanish Plates at the lowest cost

Have a UK Registered Car in Spain?

If you have a UK / foreign registered vehicle over here in Spain then you'll almost certainly have wondered how long you can legally drive it on UK plates and if you need to import it on to new Spanish plates.

Here are the rules...

If you are non resident then you can drive a foreign / UK registered vehicle for up to 6 months before you are legally obliged to import it on to Spanish plates.

If you are a Spanish resident then it's just 30 days.

Please bear in mind that your car must still be taxed and MOT'd in the country of registration... and insured whilst on UK Registration Plates. The Spanish Authorities, including the Guardia Civil, Policia Local and Policia National all have easy web based access to the UK DVLA database and can check on these details should they so wish, via the DVLA Vehicle Information Portal

Is it expensive to re-register on to Spanish Plates?

It may cost much less than you think to change your UK Registered Car (or other vehicle) over to Spanish Registration plates. The price is largely dependent on two factors:

1. The value of the vehicle
2. CO2 emmisions.

If you have an older model car with low CO2 emissions then it may not cost very much at all. However if you have a newer vehicle with a larger engine then there may be a larger amount of import duty to pay. There are also other taxes and fees to pay but these are generally constant for most classes of vehicle.

How complicated is the "Import Process"?

Importing your car or other vehicle type is something you can do yourself but as you'd expect, it can be a fairly complicated and long winded process if you're not fully conversant with the system. As with many things in Spain, there is a fair amount of paperwork and bureacracy to get through and if you're not fluent in the language nor familiar with the how the import system works then it can become difficult.

Here at Car Registrations Spain we are experts in all aspects of vehicle importation on to Spanish Number Plates and can provide a low cost, professional and most importantly: fully legal service to make the process as easy as possible.

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If you'd like to know exactly how much it will cost to import your vehicle onto Spanish Number Plates then aside from your contact details we'll just need 4 other details from you:

Vehicle Registration
Year of Manufacture
Make & Model of Vehicle
CO2 emissions


Car Vehicle Re registration UK to Spanish Plates 


With the registration process we provide you with the following:

ITV Test Pass Certificate
Engineer Certification & Paperwork preparation
Spanish Registration Document
ITV Card (similar to UK MOT Certificate)
ITV Windscreen Sticker
Import Tax Paid (or certificate of exemption)
New * Customs Paperwork Completed
Road Tax / Suma paid
Choice of new acrylic / metal Spanish Registration Plates
Trade discount on any garage services required (such as tyres, lights etc.)
DVLA Notification of Permanent Export
Complete management of process by us


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Email:  -  Tel:  (0034) 968136543 or (0034) 608880661


We can align your headlights to conform with continental driving and pass the Spanish ITV