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What is the first step in finding your perfect property in Murcia Spain?

Initial Step

First we have to make contact and take a very detailed brief, this can be done over the phone or by email.  We then consider all the issues.  What is the purpose of the purchase; relocation, investment, business opportunity, rental income, holiday property?  What is the budget?  We help people stay focused and realistic; while that dream farmhouse property down a 5km track seems like perfection, getting the children to school on time in driving rain should take priority! Once potential areas are defined we get to work researching and assessing what is currently available, reporting our findings and short-listing whatever is appropriate. Then, and only then, does our client need to travel.  No time is wasted viewing unsuitable properties meaning the trip can be just a couple of days or less.

How do you source your property?

In the more established coastal areas we may use estate agents whom we know and trust as well as our extensive network of contacts to see what properties might be available privately, often coming up with properties that are not actually 'for sale'. We also run a long term property rentals company, many of the owners of the long term rental properties would be prepared to sell if we found them a buyer. These properties are not advertised for sale anywhere and are exclusive to us. We also have many property owners who , for one reason or another would prefer not to have their properties advertised as being for sale and rely on us to find potential buyers through our property finding services. We also scan international as well as local press.

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