Vehicle Re-registration Valencia Costa Blanca

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Vehicle Re-registration Valencia Costa Blanca


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Spanish Law: Any UK registered vehicle in Spain must be re-registered with Spanish national plates within six months of its arrival, or one month if the owner is already resident in Spain. If you live in the Valencia or north Costa Blanca area then call me




 Vehicle Re-registration Valencia and Costa Blanca

Vehicle Re-registration the facts:


During the first six months it must remain fully road legal (MOT'd in the country of registration).

A UK registered car with no tax or MOT from the UK cannot legally be used on Spanish roads and may be impounded by either the local police or the Guardia Civil.

What will it cost?


Our flat rate fee is €295 for all the work involved but there will be about €500 extra in various government fees to be paid on top which we take care of. (This will give you the equivalent of a years tax and a full MOT). 

If you have not just arrived to live in Spain, you will also have to pay tax to the Hacienda which is on a sliding scale depending on the age and value of the vehicle. Please phone us for an exact figure with your vehicle details.

Vehicle Re-registration Valencia Costa Blanca 

Vehicle Re-registration Valencia Costa Blanca



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Please mention British Business Pages in Spain when contacting the Vehicle re-registration experts Costa Blanca